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Join the Australian Pumpkin Seed Company’s journey into regenerative ag with Auscrimper.

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Auscrimper Cover Crop Roller

The Auscrimper Cover Crop Roller is designed to terminate the cover crop at an appropriate time to allow for the planting of a cash crop. The cash crop is then planted directly into the crimped cover crop. Crimping leaves a layer of protective mulch, returning the valuable nutrients to the soil and amplifying their productivity in the next growth cycle.

Auscrimper is a family owned business started by Queensland father and son team David & Charlie Lange. For a decade, the Lange family have been implementing Regenerative Agricultural Practises on their Darling Downs family farm. Learn more about the Auscrimper business ›

Regenerative Agriculture Equipment

Knowing from detailed experience the benefits of Regenerative Agriculture have seen David & Charlie design and manufacture a growing range of Regenerative Agricultural farming equipment. The equipment range currently includes:

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