About Auscrimper

Auscrimper is a rural, family owned business commenced by father and son team David and Charlie Lange. For over a decade, the Lange family have been implementing Regenerative Agricultural Practises on their Queensland’s Darling Downs family farm.

Regenerative Agricultural Practises includes the use of these sustainable techniques:

David and Charlie have seen these practises result in long-term benefits for the sustainable productivity and regeneration of the landscape.

The benefits they see include:

David Lange says, “The success of our Regenerative Farming Techniques has led to the innovation of a variety of products to equip the landholder with appropriate tools and implements designed for Regenerative Agriculture.” Thus the Auscrimper Cover Crop Roller was born.

Why Choose Auscrimper?

How is Auscrimper Unique?

Purchase Process:

Contact us today on 0427 310 149 or via our Contact Us page to learn about how Auscrimper can improve your farming practises.

Auscrimper crimper roller in action on crop
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