Auscrimper Cover Crop Roller

The Auscrimper Cover Crop Roller is designed to terminate the cover crop at an appropriate time to allow the planting of a second, cash crop. The cash crop is planted directly into the crimped cover crop. This leaves a protective mulch layer, returning the valuable nutrients to the soil and amplifying their productivity through the following growth cycle.

The Auscrimper team have designed, developed and now manufacture a unique and innovative Cover Crop Roller. The Australian designed and manufactured Auscrimper Cover Crop Roller features:

  1. Chevron pattern blades,
  2. A crimping interval of 110 millimetres,
  3. Removable axle,
  4. Simple blade replacement, and…
  5. The drum is able to be filled with water to add extra weight capacity.

The Auscrimper Cover Crop Roller is:

Employing the Auscrimper Cover Crop Roller brings you benefits including:

Importantly this layer of cover crop mulch assists in:

Auscrimper team David & Charlie Lange have built invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience in the practise of cover crops as a central aspect of Regenerative Agriculture. See Regenerative Agriculture ›

Cover Crop Roller Options

The Auscrimper roller options include:

Custom Roller Designs
A large range of crimper roller designs are available. Auscrimper has the ability to custom design to your specific cover crop roller requirements. Trailing Cover Crop Roller Crimpers come in a range of different configurations with sizes up to 24 meters and to suit the customer’s specific requirements.

Ordering Process:
Before we start manufacture we need the following information:

Purchase Process:

Roller Blade Replacement
The machine’s life can be extended through roller blade replacement. These blades are available to bolt onto the existing blade once significant wear has been incurred.

After Sales Support
The team make follow-up calls 3 months after purchase to ensure your satisfaction with the product. Auscrimper provide local supply combined with personal follow up service where required. Enquiries and phone support is available after hours.

Contact Auscrimper on 0427 310 149 or via our Contact Us page to learn more about our Cover Crop Roller & Crimper.

Auscrimper Cover Crop Roller for Australian regenerative agriculture practice
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